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Hong Kong Projection Mapping

New Service Offering Showcase


Encore Event Technologies


Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


28-31 August, 2019


8 x Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors, 6x Panasonic 8k projectors, 49m2 3mm LED dancefloor, 40m2 3mm LED wall(stage backdrop), Disguise 4x4pro Server


Working under the technical direction of David O'Connor and in conjuction with a team of local technicians we installed and delivered an event designed to showcase the technical offerings of Encore Event Technologies in the Grand Ballroom.

The centerpiece of the room was a 6ft tall, tiered cake that was projection mapped. Custom content was produced to surprise guests by transforming the cake into a moving canvas, showcasing the possibilities of this technique.

Custom projection surfaces were manufactured and installed to cover floor to ceiling mirrors on the walls on either side of the room. We also projected onto the marble pillars in the corners of the room, with the image wrapped around each pillar. Completing the projection elements of the show were four tables that were also projection mapped into the main canvas. In addition to this, we utilised the in-house LED wall to the rear of stage and completed the rrom look by installing a 49m2 LED dance floor. Some simple LED wash lighting completed the look of the room and was used to re-inforce the feel of each segment of the show.

All surfaces were mapped and controlled by a Disguise 4x4 server, with an external editing facility that enabled me to manipulate the projection whilst Dave loaded content and built the timeline with the client. The ability to multi-task within the Disguise software is a massive time saver and enables huge cost benefits, along with the flexibility to edit and configure the show file at the same time.

Two shows were delivered flawlessly, even with the cake being cut and replaced between shows!

A very happy client, as well as awed and impressed guests means a job well done by all involved. 

wattnott drawing and design


wattnott drawing and design

Cake Projection

Two projectors, one to do each 'face' of the cake were used. The projectors were set high above the cake to enable people to walk on stage in front of the cake without interfering with the projection.